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Local design consultancy nestled in Toluca Lake, California. 

Specializing in concept planning, interior design, holiday displays and special event curation.


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Our projects are bespoke and come to life in creative partnership with our clients. Projects range from custom event design, holiday dinner parties, Halloween displays, concept planning for small businesses, and more. Our vision is to enhance our neighborhood, our homes, and our local businesses to create a vibrant community for years to come. 

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Design Coaching

Concept Design

Initial meeting to go over design needs, scope of project, budget, timelines and more. 

Need help choosing between paint colors? Looking for advice on which tile to select or some assistance styling a room? Through design coaching, I offer customized support for design projects both large and small. Whether you're revamping the interiors of your business, or stuck on a specific element of your home design, we'll work together to carefully curate the space you desire. 

Great spaces start with great concepts, and well-curated spaces should evoke feeling in every person who walks in. Through our concept design process, we'll work with you to ideate from concept to implementation. Whether for a themed activation, Halloween yard-display, hidden speakeasy, pop-up concept or new business. 


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Tel: 805-341-7757

Toluca Lake, CA

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